Uki-Goshi Technique in Judo

There are many people who consider judo as one of the most popular types of martial art these days. More and more people are interested in learning judo so that they can use this martial art as their self defense mechanism. If you want to learn judo, there are several basic movements and techniques that you need to know. One of the most important basic techniques in judo is Uki-Goshi. Basically, Uki-Goshi is a throwing technique that is performed by using your hips. This technique is also known as floating hip threw in judo. Even though Uki-Goshi is considered as one of the basic techniques in judo, there are still many people who can’t perform this technique properly. If you want to perform Uki-Goshi technique properly, there are several steps that you need to follow. This article will give you the guide to perform this throwing technique properly.

Uki-Goshi Technique in Judo

Uki-Goshi is a technique in judo that focuses on how to make your opponent lost his balance. When your opponent has lost his balance, it will be easier for you to throw your opponent. Based on this theory, the basic move in Uki-Goshi is making your opponent lost his balance. Once your opponent has lost his balance, his body will lean forward. When your opponent’s body leans forward, you can lift up your opponent’s body by gripping his hips. By lifting up your opponent’s body, you will be able to throw your opponent’s body by moving your hips to the right. Even though you already understand these basic moves in performing Uki-Goshi, you might still need to pay attention to the details of performing this technique so that you can get the best result.

When you want to perform Uki-Goshi technique, the first thing that you should do is performing the basic right grip move. Basically, all throwing techniques in judo are performed by using this basic right grip move. After you perform the basic right grip move, the next thing that you should do is placing your right foot slightly on the right side and pulling your opponent’s body by using your right hand. You need to pull your opponent’s body to the right forward of your body. This move is performed in order to make your opponent move forward using his left foot. After that, you can release your right hand grip while lowering your right shoulder and place your right foot in the inner side of your opponent’s left foot. This movement will make your opponent’s body pushed to the back.

After that, you can reach your opponent’s hips through the below of his right hand. In order to maintain his balance, your opponent will push forward by twist his body using his right heel and move his left foot to the back. You can make your opponent lost his balance by lifting up his body to the forward. After that, you can place your right hip to the down side of your opponent’s belly so that you can create the support point. After that, you can swing your opponent’s right hand to the forward and move his hips to the forward so that your opponent will twist through your right hip and fall down.


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