Tips on Improving Basketball Shooting Accuracy

Creating a beautiful shoot then score a goal is the happiest moment for a basketball player. Beginners should know that shooting is requiring learn the basics and focusing on the mechanics. Without them, you will end up shoot for nothing. Especially doing a long distance shoot, accuracy is a must. Follow the following tips to rock your shooting goal.

Tips on Improving Basketball Shooting Accuracy 

Improve Your Strength

Believe it or not, by gaining your body strength you can shoot even better. Why? First, as you getting stronger, you can shoot easier. Your muscle will build up which make you can increase your shooting range. It means stronger players will find it easier do long distance shooting or 3 points shooting.

Next, strength makes your balance. The main cause of shooting inaccuracy is poor balance. As your muscle strength is improved, your balance will automatically as well. With anykind of shooting conditions like shooting on the move, after receive a pass, or others, your body will quickly take the control and balance automatically which create a better shooting result.

Weight training program is the best way to increase entire body strength. Especially for increasing the strength on your wrist and forearms, you can try on taking 500 shots a day or practicing shoot with heavy ball (twice weight from regular ball).

Adjust Your Shoot Mechanics

Adjusting shooting mechanics will require your muscle memory. It can be got by practicing with thousands of shooting repetitions especially for long distance shooting. The muscle memory retain make your body know how much power will be needed to make a shoot. There are 3 types of adjustment techniques:

  1. Shoot over the backboard intentionally

The points is using optimum leg power for your jump then releasing the ball right before you reach the top. If you do the jump, hang then shoot, you will decrease your power faster. You’ll also give a chance to your opponents to block the ball.

  1. Drop your elbow
  2. Decrease the time for shot chamber to release point

Improve Your Shooting Mechanics

After adjusting your shoot mechanics, then you will need to improve it by:

–     As you know, shooting requires not only wrist strength but also your shooting foot. It should be forward with your weight on both feet equally.

–     Positioned your head in front of the feet and bent your body at the waist.

–     Use two shooting fingers from the stem to the high point of the ball to straddle the valve stem.

–     Choose the best spot on the front or back of the rim.

–     Bounce your body slightly to reduce stress and create your body rhythm and balance.

Practice these mechanics using shooting straps and make sure to tie it tight enough. Then, practice vertical alignment to index finger, toe, knee, and elbow in vertical plane.

Don’t let the inaccuracy become a bad habit. If you do it repeatedly, it can be ingrained to your shooting mechanics. So, make sure you fix it immediately when you see the problem. By improving your body strength and shooting mechanics as mentioned above, you can set a goal more perfectly.

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