The Star of Euro 2016

The Euro 2016 would be held from June 10th, 2016 up to July 10th, 2016. The football match would be held on France. It is being held on nine cities in ten different places on France. The exact lineup of the Euro 2016 already has twenty four countries joining the competition. The players and the plots have already been revealed little by little. There are still some teaser around and not the exact one because it is still far from the time of the competition. There are also some players that have already decided not to join the competition and choose to rest because they are getting sick or have an accident that they cannot help but happen around the times they are playing football. But, you do not have to worry that there are still talented players that would represent their country to play on the Euro 2016. There are some country that has already giving out some teaser of who they players are, but there are still some country that still hold it as a secret. Many people have already guessing who the players are as they are really interested in this match. Now, we would get straight into the players as well as the plotting of the representative country in Euro 2016.

The Star of Euro 2016

Players that Would Join Euro 2016

There are some players that have been revealed to the public. Robert Lewndowski is joining Poland. Then, zlatan ibrahimovic get into Sweden. Germany has Thomas Muller. Artem Dzyuba gets into Russia. Edin Dzeko is joining Bosnia and Herzegovina. England has Wayne Rooney. Marc Jacko is joining Austria. Northern Ireland has Kyle Lafferty. Those are the player who has already joined from the match before Euro 2016 and has already makes the goal for their country. Then there is also Vladimir Weiss from Slovakia. Arkadiusz Milik is joining Poland. Bosnia and Herzegovina gets Senad Lulic. Xherden Shaqiri and Breel Embolo get from Switzerland. Northern Ireland got Niall McGinn. Mesut Ozil is joining Germany. Those are the players that would surely play on the Euro 2016.

The Plotting of the Country of Euro 2016

The plot of Euro 2016 has already made. This is based on the rank. The first plot has of France, Spain, Germany, England, Portugal, and Belgium. Those held the higher rank on the competition and are possibly be the winner off the Euro 2016. The next and also the second plot are Italy, Switzerland, Croatia, Austria, Russia, and Ukraine. Those are less likely be the winner but are still holding a high place on the rank. The third plot gets on with Czech, Sweden, Poland Rumania, Slovakia, and Hungary. For third rank the possibility of being the winner gets even lower but still nothing impossible, well miracle always happen. The last and fourth list is Turkey, Ireland, Iceland, Wales, Albania and Northern Ireland. Those held low rank, but there is still a possibility of them winning the match since the plot does not define the real result.


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