The Secret of BEEF in Basketball

A lot of basketball athlete who are in deep desire to have a great shooting ability will always know this kind of secret. Actually this is not a secret, since most of the early basketball newbie will always told to do this method by their coach, or anyone who teaches them basketball. The BEEF is the basic secret of shooting skill in basketball; this method gives the instructions to do the proper basketball shooting form based on the coaching standard that has been used for the past few years. For you who want to have a deeper understanding about the content of the BEEF it let me have some explanation for you.

The Secret of BEEF in Basketball

The Basic

The simple thing about basketball shooting form is just all about this BEEF method. The BEEF stands for Balance, Eye, Elbow, and Follow through, these four steps are the condition that you need to take care of before you release the ball from your hand to the basket. At first sight maybe some of the people that recently just started basketball or who does not know anything about basketball will think that it will take too long to settle all of the conditions that requires some amounts of time to make all of that happen. But actually, those are the automatic conditions that your body will adjust once you practice your shooting with those methods of BEEF that we discussed.


Balance is all about getting your body ready and firm to do the shooting. This is the basic thing that you must settle first before you prepare the other conditions, the start of this balance supposed to start for the legs. Settling the leg requires some footwork training in order to keep our body in balance. Once you get the legs settle, then basically all of the body will be in balance, it does not matter if your do a fade away jumper, up-and-down movement, or after doing serials of dribbling, once you stop and get your leg in balance, your body and your shooting form will be as good as ever.


There is no way you will shoot the ball without looking at the rim and also the ball itself, that is why the next step is to keep the ball and the rim on under your sight. Do not ever take your eyes away from the ball and the rim, once you do that, not only you lose your form, you will also reduce the percentage of your ball getting into the net.


For this one basically there are many understanding and condition depend on the person. Since each people has different kind of body shape, the elbow for should be different also for every person. But the ideal is you raise your elbow until your arms show a 90 degrees corner parallel with your shoulder. This way you will get enough power to shoot the ball.

Follow Through

There are much terms for this one; duck neck, flick of the wrist, and many kinds of terms that different in some area. But the basic thing is follow through is about holding your form after you shooting the ball so that you know where the ball is going to. But some of the coach say that this method is to get the very full power that comes from the legs to be transferred into the ball so that the shooter will know how much power he or she need to reach a certain distance from their shooting spot to the hole.

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