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Online Video Poker Review

The kinds of slots online are various. If we are familiar with online casino or casino table games, we may be not that familiar with video poker. It is true that it is not the most popular game we find in the world. Yet, once you try, you will enjoy playing the machines. To play this game, you need think about the strategy and also deep knowledge to increase your

The Secret of BEEF in Basketball

A lot of basketball athlete who are in deep desire to have a great shooting ability will always know this kind of secret. Actually this is not a secret, since most of the early basketball newbie will always told to do this method by their coach, or anyone who teaches them basketball. The BEEF is the basic secret of shooting skill in basketball; this method gives the instructions to do the proper

Portugal National Team Football Records

What do you know about Portugal national football team? Luis Figo? Cristiano Ronaldo? Yes, we can say that they are the most historical players in the team. Other than that, let’s check the records of Portugal national football team. Portugal National Team Football Records National Team History Portugal national football team was under controlled by Portuguese Football Federation. In 1930, Portugal team was not qualified for FIFA World Cup 1930.

EURO 2016: Nolito as Spain's Promising Player

Nolito has been named as Spain’s promising player as he has some outstanding appearances in several football matches. This latecomer player has really come to La Liga more than eighteen months. His outstanding performance has led him to some rumor that he is going to return back to Barcelona where he spent his three years experience with the B team before transferred to Benfica right in 2011. Nolito wasn’t capped

Practicing Kendo

The first impression of this self defense art is noise, full of aggressive movement, and hard. So it is better to get the most noise dojo to train you Kendo. Kendo is the dynamic self defense art but you have to know that this martial art needs high density of focus. Discipline is the essential key to master this movement. Concentration should be followed up in order to get perfect

France Football Records over the Time

  In the talk of national football team of France, football experts and non-experts maybe will remember about Zinedine Zidane. He’s the biggest player of France’s football team history. Besides that, France also has good records in various football tournaments. France Football Records over the Time National Team History In 1900, Summer Olympics was hosted in France. In preparation for the event, Union des Sociétés Françaises de Sports Athlétiques (USFSA),

Belgium' Rising Star Player for EURO 2016: Michy Batshuayi

Michy Batshuayi is a Belgium’s big thing player who is hoped to put some crucial pressures on the established duo of Premier League for a starting place in the Belgium national football team for EURO 2016. This twenty years old player has already scored goals in his international appearances when Belgium against Cyprus and last week when Belgium against Italy. When his team was against Italy, he successfully struck twice

The Star of Euro 2016

The Euro 2016 would be held from June 10th, 2016 up to July 10th, 2016. The football match would be held on France. It is being held on nine cities in ten different places on France. The exact lineup of the Euro 2016 already has twenty four countries joining the competition. The players and the plots have already been revealed little by little. There are still some teaser around and

Spain Football Glory History

Spain is become one of the most favorite football countries because of their winning history in various football tournaments. Especially the three consecutive winnings between 2008 and 2012 in major football competitions which made Spain become a powerhouse of football team. Spain Football Glory History National Football Team Early History Spain has joined FIFA memberships in 1904 and Spanish Football Federation was established in 1909. Yet, their first national football

Basic Techniques in Kendo

As we already said in earlier article, Kendo is the self defense art from Japan. It uses bamboo sword and has several basic techniques. Kendo is combining sport, self defense, and art. The combination makes the movements so dynamic and great. Learning Kendo needs full dedication and high density of discipline. And before starting your Kendo routines, you will need requirement such as uniform, Shinai, and Bogu. All followings requirement