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How to be: A Great Ball Handler in Basketball

If you want to be a basketball player, dribbling is a must skill to have. Actually, dribbling is quite simple if you know the techniques and rules. Improving dribbling and ball handling skills is usually done by 3 drills including: How to be: A Great Ball Handler in Basketball Stationary Ball-Handling Drills Stationary drills are the basic drill to improve a feel for the ball. The drills will help you

How to Shoot 3 Point Shots in Basketball Perfectly

  Every basketball players want to improve their shooting skills and able to goal 3 point shots. As the point is higher than other shots, 3-point shots need more techniques and skills to set them on the basket perfectly. How to Shoot 3 Point Shots in Basketball Perfectly Steps to Score 3-Point Shots Choose your strongest shooting foot Mostly, the right-handed players will use their right big toe when about to shoot, but

Tips on Improving Basketball Shooting Accuracy

Creating a beautiful shoot then score a goal is the happiest moment for a basketball player. Beginners should know that shooting is requiring learn the basics and focusing on the mechanics. Without them, you will end up shoot for nothing. Especially doing a long distance shoot, accuracy is a must. Follow the following tips to rock your shooting goal. Tips on Improving Basketball Shooting Accuracy  Improve Your Strength Believe it or

Uki-Goshi Technique in Judo

There are many people who consider judo as one of the most popular types of martial art these days. More and more people are interested in learning judo so that they can use this martial art as their self defense mechanism. If you want to learn judo, there are several basic movements and techniques that you need to know. One of the most important basic techniques in judo is Uki-Goshi.

Suni-Gaeshi Technique in Judo

Martial arts came in various choices of type. Karate and taekwondo are two of the most popular types of martial art that you can find these days. Besides karate and taekwondo, other type of martial art that is also popular these days is judo. For those of you who want to learn judo, there are several basic movements that you need to know. Basically, judo is the type of martial

Hane-Makikomi Technique in Judo

There are various choices of martial arts that you can learn these days. One of them is judo. Judo is the type of martial art that focuses on the grappling and throwing techniques. In judo, you will be rarely or even forbidden using your punch or kick. There are various techniques that you need to develop if you want to learn judo. One of the most essential techniques that you

O-Uchi-Gari Technique in Judo

Judo is one of the most popular martial arts that you can find these days. There are various moves that you need to learn in judo. Basically, judo’s moves can be categorized into several types. There are throwing moves, grappling moves, and defense moves. In this article, I will give you quick tutorial about one of the throwing moves in judo. This throwing technique is called O-Uchi-Gari. O-Uchi-Gari is a