Spain Football Glory History

Spain is become one of the most favorite football countries because of their winning history in various football tournaments. Especially the three consecutive winnings between 2008 and 2012 in major football competitions which made Spain become a powerhouse of football team.

Spain Football Glory History

National Football Team Early History

Spain has joined FIFA memberships in 1904 and Spanish Football Federation was established in 1909. Yet, their first national football team was debuted in 1920 for participating in Summer Olympics in Belgium. They were able to win the match against Denmark with score 1-0 and brought home a silver medal. Javier Clemente was the appointed coach for the team in 1992.

Spanish team was qualified to enter FIFA World Cup 1934, but they were not able to bring victory. Unfortunately due to Spanish Civil War and World War II, the team can’t play any matches until 1950. Spain’s team was named as “underachievers” because of their fourth place position in FIFA World Cup 1950 in Brazil.

EUFA Euro Winning Records

  1. EUFA Euro 1964

EUFA Euro 1964 was hosted by Spain and at the same time the national team won the match. Spain was able to achieve their first major international title after defeating Soviet Union with the score 2-1. The goal was scored by Jesús María Pereda (6th minutes) and Marcelino (84th minutes). Pereda became one of the top scorers in the tournament. This victory was also the first lone major title of Spain’s national team for last 44 years.

  1. EUFA Euro 2008

Euro 2008 was held in Austria and Switzerland from 7 to 29 June with 16 teams qualified. In the final, Spain played against Germany. With the goal from Fernando Torres in the 33th minutes, Spain was leading the match with the score 1-0. Spain replaced Germany in 1996 as the first team who win the tournament undefeated.

  1. EUFA Euro 2012

The latest Euro match in 2012 was hosted by Ukraine and Poland. Spain became the champion after beating Italy 4-0 in the final. This winning also gave a name to Spain as the first national team who win two consecutive European Championships.

FIFA World Cups 2010 Winning Records

2010 FIFA World Cup matches took place in South Africa played in 10 stadiums in 9 different host cities. In the final round, Andrés Iniesta from Spain national team contributed a golden goal in the extra time and beaten Netherlands with score 1-0. Spain became the first European nation who wins FIFA World Cups which hosted outside the home continent.

Other Competitive Records 

Spain also achieved victories in two Mediterranean Games in 2005 (defeating Italy 1-0) and 2009 (defeating Italy 2-1). In 1992, Spain also brought home gold medal in Summer Olympics after win against Poland with score 3-2.

The last three consecutive winnings in major football tournaments including Euro 2008, FIFA World Cups 2010, and Euro recorded a glory history for their national football team. Although Spain didn’t record a significant winning strikes at the past period, but in this recent decade, Spain national football team start to change the history.

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