Reducing and Treating Basketball Injuries

With all high-speed physical moves in basketball, the players can’t avoid suffering from some injuries especially on their legs and hands. There are about 1.6 million injuries associated with basketball each year. The players know these risks. Therefore, learn how to reduce and treat especially the following common injuries in the basketball here.

Reducing and Treating Basketball Injuries

Ankle Sprains

Basketball is one of the sports with most ankle sprains cases. It is because players will run from here to there and jumping around risking their legs. The treatment for ankle sprains includes RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation). If the sprains turn into more pain and swelling over the bone, X-rays and further evaluations will be needed.

Players who suffer from ankle sprains don’t mean their ankle is weak, but it can be due to their proprioceptors have been suffers from previous injury. There are some exercises to treat the suffered proprioceptors by doing single-leg balance work with foam pad barefoot or socks on one leg.

Jammed Fingers

While releasing the ball, players might accidentally jam their fingers with the ball. The contact of the end of finger with the ball can cause significant swelling on single joint of the fingers. The basic treatment involves applying ice to the fingers, then buddy taping it to the adjacent finger. This simple treatment can relieve the pain, so most of the players can return to the court. But, if the pain and swelling is getting serious, x-ray and further evaluation by physician may be needed.

Knee Injuries

The various movements in the basketball such as jumping, dribbling, cutting, blocking, and other maneuvers can lead to the knee injuries. Most of the cases are due to the improper jumping poses. For example, running and jumping with quad-dominant, jumping from the hips, or others.

When the ligaments and menisci of the knee are injured, a blow outside the knee or ice and bracing is the common treatments. The exercise to reduce knee injuries includes using mini-band around your legs or above the knees. Do it by slightly bent your knees and hips back to do athletic basic stance position.

The more serious knee injuries is anterior cruciate ligament injury which caused by abrupt change in jump landing. This ligament tear injury requires corrective surgery to repair the ACL ligament, so the player able to play on the next season.

Stress Fractures

The stress on fractures is caused by overtraining or the rapid increase of training and related activity level. Foot and lower legs are usually suffered from this stress. Treatment includes rest from strenuous activity. Players can return to play after the fractures are completely healed and free from pain.

There are still some injuries in basketball including deep thigh bruising, facial cuts, lower back pain, shin splits, and many more. Since the injuries can’t be avoid once you enter the court, players only can improve their knowledge to reducing the accident to be happened. But, once they are suffered, they should know what kind of treatment should be taken and don’t force themselves to play on the court if they still in pain.

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