Practicing Kendo

The first impression of this self defense art is noise, full of aggressive movement, and hard. So it is better to get the most noise dojo to train you Kendo. Kendo is the dynamic self defense art but you have to know that this martial art needs high density of focus. Discipline is the essential key to master this movement. Concentration should be followed up in order to get perfect move with elegant touch. Kendo can be learned by all ranges of age which means your children can learn it as well.

Practicing Kendo

Basically, there are several types of exercise in Kendo. And each type leads to certain main goal. And of course the goal is to develop the mind, body, and personality of each Kendoka. The participants should also learn about Reigi (the ethical things of Kendo), how to put the body, and the easel position. Besides, you also need to learn about how to swing the sword in right way which will attack in specific part but will not hurt you. And of course you need to do that step one by one. Enjoying the process is the most important thing in order to get the best result.

There are so many people who get bored in the middle of process especially when they are in newbie part. Just make sure that you are not one of them.

So, as we said in previous articles, you will see at least four basic movements in Kendo. These basic techniques should be mastered before you step on further technique. The rest techniques are based on these four. If you can get used to these basic techniques, then you can master the rest in faster period.

The very basic movement is Men technique. This technique allows you to go through the opponent’s head. You can hit the top part or the temple. Every Kendoka is supposed to master this movement in first place. And before they can master this movement, it will be a bit harder to master the other movement. Each movement is related to each other.

The next is Kote movement. This movement is supposed to hit the wrist of the opponent. By using Shinai, you can hit the left of right wrist of the opponent, depends on which the dominant part is. If your opponents use double swords, you can hit both wrists. And yes, it will be taught after the Kendoka mastered the Men technique.

The third is Do movement. This technique is attacking the stomach side of opponent. The procedure is almost as same as other movement which is swinging the sword and then the execution. Do movement is supposed to punch the opponent’s chest. Still, you can attack both sides of the stomach.

And the last basic technique is called Tsuki. This is kind of punching your opponent’s neck with sword. But the beginners will not be taught this technique since it requires mastering three previous techniques in a row. So, if you want to get this technique, you have to enjoy the process and master all basic techniques of Kendo.

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