Portugal National Team Football Records

What do you know about Portugal national football team? Luis Figo? Cristiano Ronaldo? Yes, we can say that they are the most historical players in the team. Other than that, let’s check the records of Portugal national football team.

Portugal National Team Football Records

National Team History

Portugal national football team was under controlled by Portuguese Football Federation. In 1930, Portugal team was not qualified for FIFA World Cup 1930. Then, the team was trying to enter and able to enter the qualification round but beaten by Spanish. In the vacuum time on the past of World War II, Portugal team was only playing a very few matches.

After the rest time, Portugal team started to wake up. They started to join various qualifications of major tournaments including 1954 and 1958 FIFA World Cups, also 1960 and 1964 European Championships. In this decade, Portugal was not able to record a significant victory.

The golden time of Portugal team was started in the 1966 FIFA World Cups when they got position as the third place. Although they never won the victory, but they were able to positioned the team in the final rounds for a couple of times.

Competitive Matches Records

  1. FIFA World Cups

The best achievement by Portugal from all FIFA World Cups matches is their third place in 1966 and fourth place in 2006. In the semifinal of FIFA World Cups 1966, Portugal was defeated by England 1-2. To get the third place, Portugal played against Soviet Union and won with the score 2-1. In the semifinal of FIFA World Cups 2006, Portugal was loss against France 0-1. Again, in the third place match, the team gave up their third place to Germany after loss 1-3.

  1. UEFA European Championship

In UEFA European Championship 2004, Portugal and Greece entered the final round. Portugal was defeated by Greece 0-1 and brought home the runner-up title. In other Euro tournaments, Portugal was able to place in semifinals in the 1984, 2000, and 2012 matches.

In FIFA World Cup 2006 which hosted by Germany, Portugal was crowned as the most entertaining team. The award was counted by the poll from public participation.

Most Noted Players

Cristiano Ronaldo

He’s the most noted players from national football team of Portugal. He’s also well-known globally for his superb performances and as entertainer. He’s also the youngest player to reach 100 caps in the age of 27. Between Portugal national players, Ronaldo is a player with most goals of 55 goals.

Luis Figo

Luis Figo is the player with most capped for 127 caps in the history of Portugal national team. He’s also the greatest winger for his generation and 2001 FIFA World Player of the Year. Before his retired on August 2009, he’s one of 100 greatest living players in the world.

There are also some other noted players such as Nuno Gomes who awarded as most recognizable offensive player in Portugal team. He won over 100 caps in all categories and helps his team to third place in Euro 2000 and second place in Euro 2004.

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