How to Play Dragon Mahjong

Dragon Mahjong is one of the most popular mahjong games online or in some online casino  which use the Shanghai mahjong board. The Shanghai mahjong board consists of 144 tiles with different images on each tiles, usually different imaginings of numbers, flowers, and seasons. However, playing Dragon Mahjong is completely different from playing the original mahjong board from China, which requires four people to play and a bunch of complex rules

Dominoes: All Fives Review

About Dominoes: All Fives Domino is a collective game which makes up a domino set or tile games which played with domino pieces. In the traditional domino game, there are 28 dominoes which usually called with bones, tiles, cards, stones, spinners, or tickets. Dominoes: All Fives which developed by Masque Publishing is an online domino game designed with single and multiplayer modes. The beautiful art with undersea theme along with the fast

Mah Jong Quest Review: Find and Match the Identical Tiles

  About Mah Jong Quest Mah Jong Quest by iWin is an online mah jong or puzzle game which requires you to match 2 identical tiles until all the tiles finished. The game can be played online from your PC or installed on your mobile device (Android and iOs). Mah Jong Quest Review: Find and Match the Identical Tiles How to Play The game is very simple. Just simply tap and