Phantom Chronicle


The Phantom Chronicle is a Facebook card game where you will be required to collect a series of card named Phantom, generate their skill all through the battle and then go for the attacks priority against your enemies.

The Phantom itself is a genetically engineered creature that gets too much powerful strength for you to ran amok and handle. Their duty is destroying the city civilization. To be honest, it’s up to you whether you are going to capture, control or even tame those Phantoms in order to reclaim the world.

Phantom Chronicle

Tips and tricks on the gameplay

This game is all about collecting units which are named Phantoms and also combating with them against an array of enemies. When you face the Phantoms, you are going to look that they are equipped with timer to state how many rounds until the next attack are coming over to attack your points of health (as it will make up all your Phantom’s HP total).

When it comes to your turn, you are going to have few options. First of all, you are able to trigger a fundamental attack, where you will see your Phantoms attack the enemies individually in front of you. Secondly, you are able to opt for any Phantom’s number if you want to use their special abilities on this turn, costing some Skill Points and also a fundamental attack appears afterward. Last but not least, you are free to select charge for your turn as it recovers your SPs as well as reducing some incoming damages by fifty percent.

During your turn, you will also need to click one enemy in order to specifically target it as well as setting it as the target for any special skills you are going to trigger. Otherwise, try to make it as the first and prime target which your cards will kill and attack before turning their own attacks towards other targets.

Free vs. paid

The gameplay within Phantom Chronicle actually appears outside the prime combat mechanic. The cards are quite dynamic which have variable stats when they grade and level up. Grading up will significantly change their stats and art, but they will only occur if you are leveling them up toward the maximum level of your current stage. The only difference between free and paid version is only the game appearance. In free version, the graphic comes less bright and colorful, while in paid version the appearance looks bright and colorful as the screen using HD feature.

Gameplay tournament

Main Quest is a single player campaign and you are going to face more than twelve areas you will need to explore. Every area will have eight sub-quests along with three main objectives you have to finish as you are going to earn gold medal after finishing it. The Quests are generally made up

of encounters line to fight off. Tournament is the mode of PvP which is scheduled over the time distinct period therefore you must catch them in appropriate date to participate. When they have begun, you are able to take part in ranked the PvP matches against others with the goal of receiving as many points as you can that will come out on the top of the Phantom Chronicle.


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