Online Video Poker Review

The kinds of slots online are various. If we are familiar with online casino or casino table games, we may be not that familiar with video poker. It is true that it is not the most popular game we find in the world. Yet, once you try, you will enjoy playing the machines. To play this game, you need think about the strategy and also deep knowledge to increase your

Phantom Chronicle

  The Phantom Chronicle is a Facebook card game where you will be required to collect a series of card named Phantom, generate their skill all through the battle and then go for the attacks priority against your enemies. The Phantom itself is a genetically engineered creature that gets too much powerful strength for you to ran amok and handle. Their duty is destroying the city civilization. To be honest,

How to Play Dragon Mahjong

Dragon Mahjong is one of the most popular mahjong games online or in some online casino  which use the Shanghai mahjong board. The Shanghai mahjong board consists of 144 tiles with different images on each tiles, usually different imaginings of numbers, flowers, and seasons. However, playing Dragon Mahjong is completely different from playing the original mahjong board from China, which requires four people to play and a bunch of complex rules

Dominoes: All Fives Review

About Dominoes: All Fives Domino is a collective game which makes up a domino set or tile games which played with domino pieces. In the traditional domino game, there are 28 dominoes which usually called with bones, tiles, cards, stones, spinners, or tickets. Dominoes: All Fives which developed by Masque Publishing is an online domino game designed with single and multiplayer modes. The beautiful art with undersea theme along with the fast

BloodRealm Battlegrounds

BloodRealm Battleground is an online Facebook card game where you are able to take your favorite hero into a battle in an attempt to defeat their troops and then destroy them. The game is all about magical devastation, bloody combat and also maniacal god destruction. It may sound too dramatic when you think to kill gods with powerful spells and troops. The game is actually utilizing a lane battlefield combat.

Mah Jong Quest Review: Find and Match the Identical Tiles

  About Mah Jong Quest Mah Jong Quest by iWin is an online mah jong or puzzle game which requires you to match 2 identical tiles until all the tiles finished. The game can be played online from your PC or installed on your mobile device (Android and iOs). Mah Jong Quest Review: Find and Match the Identical Tiles How to Play The game is very simple. Just simply tap and

Berserk Universe

  Berserk Universe is an online card game especially for Facebook where the cards are set for the Laar world. As the player, you will need to engage some tactical combats with the dice rolls as the modifiers within a unique twist on the combat mechanic grid. All of this make this game feels like a board game rather than traditional card game but still maintain the card game main

Keno Review: Draw and Match the Numbers

Keno is a traditional and the oldest game in casino which originally from China and still played in the modern casino. Keno is a live casino game played like bingo and lottery. The name “keno” or means bubble come out from the circular glass enclosure which used in the game. It contains with 80 balls which imprinted with number 1 to 80 and will determine the draw result. During the draw, a blower

How to Create Wool Power in Farmville 2

Wool power in Farmville 2 will be the great discussion for today. Well, it is one of best projects you will find at Farmville 2. How to find this project? You will find it after finishing spinning wheel project. In other hand, you will be able get it when you have reached level 8. So, you can create it after building spinning wheel at level 8. You can also create

The Secret of BEEF in Basketball

A lot of basketball athlete who are in deep desire to have a great shooting ability will always know this kind of secret. Actually this is not a secret, since most of the early basketball newbie will always told to do this method by their coach, or anyone who teaches them basketball. The BEEF is the basic secret of shooting skill in basketball; this method gives the instructions to do the proper