Online Video Poker Review

The kinds of slots online are various. If we are familiar with online casino or casino table games, we may be not that familiar with video poker. It is true that it is not the most popular game we find in the world. Yet, once you try, you will enjoy playing the machines. To play this game, you need think about the strategy and also deep knowledge to increase your chance winning the game. To learn, you can follow the video tutorial or directly try the trial online casino games to know what the strategy is. Online poker is also the best place to learn before you go playing in a real world of casinos.

Online Video Poker Review


You need to decide which cards you want to hold, and the one that you want to discard. If you already lock the discarded card, then it will be replaced with new cards available from the deck. If you are able to combine winning cards, you win. Some machines will offer you with different way of playing, for instance the multi-hand format and also single-hand game that you can choose.

Some popular games that people choose are Deuces Wild, Bonus Poker, Joker Poker, Jacks or Better, and also Double Bonus. Each game requires different strategy to play. Thus, choose the game you know and you want to learn and arrange strategy to earn more. You will find that the strategy is intricate and complex. Yet, that is what people look for, learning strategy from a machine.

What to Choose

Joker Poker is sometimes called as Joker Wild. Here, Joker acts as a wild, which means that the players can use Joker to replace another card on the deck, for winning hand. Joker is presented in this games, it means that you will play with 53 cards, and not 52 cards like other games. In this video poker, you will have five best cards to keep. You can discard all the cards you do not want and hold the cards you want. The strategy of this game is simple and easy to master. Dealt hands will fall to two categories, the one with Joker and another one without it.

Another video to choose is Deuces Wild. This game is popular among casino players. The way to play this game is a bit different, unlike the previous one. We will have only 52 cards, and the deuces are the wild card. This makes winning is easier here. Players will take five cards, and the bet itself is placed at the beginning of the game. They can hold the five cards, or can discard up to five cards, so that they can get new cards for replacement.

The last video poker we have today is Jacks or Better video. This video is also known as Draw Poker. Here, to receive a payout, you only need to hold Jacks or better. In most of online video poker games, the game is begun with players’ bet. They will have five cards to keep or discard there.


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