Mah Jong Quest Review: Find and Match the Identical Tiles


About Mah Jong Quest

Mah Jong Quest by iWin is an online mah jong or puzzle game which requires you to match 2 identical tiles until all the tiles finished. The game can be played online from your PC or installed on your mobile device (Android and iOs).

Mah Jong Quest Review: Find and Match the Identical Tiles

How to Play

  1. The game is very simple. Just simply tap and match on the two identical tiles or tiles with same themes to remove them.

The selectable tiles are only tiles which the right, left, and top side unblocked. If you can match the tiles, it means the tiles are blocked. On the beginning of level, you will know the selectable tiles right away because it’s brighter than unselectable one. But, once you move to the next level, you will need to find them by yourself.

  1. To complete each round, you need to find and match the Yin and Yang tiles before you run out of times.
  2. Remember to always look at the timer. If you can’t finish the matching until you are out of time, the game is over.

Game Features

  • Each level, you will find different mission. For example, in level 2 you need to match a firecracker with a brick wall to blow them out. So, you can let the tiles unblocked. So, you will certainly find the game isn’t boring.
  • The “undo” button will help to return the previous moves to the original place. You can keep clicking the button to return them one by one.
  • If you stuck and couldn’t find the identic tiles, then you can click on the “hint” button. You can see two identical tiles are shining brighter.
  • If you have no more moves, you will be given options to undo your last move, restart the board (but your remaining time will the same as before you restart the board), or restart the board and timer (but you will lose your score).
  • There are more than 150 classic and puzzle layouts which make the game more interesting and fun. There is also an ability to shuffle the boards and play in different modes with endless hours.

Tips and Strategies

  • Mah Jong Quest isn’t about finishing to matches all the tiles, but matches the Yin and Yang tiles. So, don’t waste your time and focus to find them. If you can leave some unmatched tiles after you match the Yin and Yang, they can become your additional scores.
  • The tiles will not only contain with a pair of theme, but some of them. So, before you pair two tiles, look around to find a better match for the tile. If you don’t match them well, you will stuck and find no moves.
  • If you are hesitant about your last move, don’t also hesitant to use the “undo” button. It’ll be a big help to fix your wrong moves.
  • Avoid matching dragon tiles, dynamite, and magnets tiles, until you match the Yin and Yang tiles. Because these special tiles will give you a huge amount of scores.

The game rules and plays of Mah Jong Quest are very simple, but the challenges and different modes give you an interesting and fun online puzzle game.


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