Keno Review: Draw and Match the Numbers

Keno is a traditional and the oldest game in casino which originally from China and still played in the modern casino. Keno is a live casino game played like bingo and lottery. The name “keno” or means bubble come out from the circular glass enclosure which used in the game. It contains with 80 balls which imprinted with number 1 to 80 and will determine the draw result. During the draw, a blower will push air into the bubble and mix them. Then, the player will select a bet amount from Keno Card and start to predict which numbers will be drawn. The predict is done by selecting numbers 1 up to 15 on the Keno Card. The online game of Keno is adapted the idea of this oldest casino game Keno Review: Draw and Match the Numbers.

Keno Review: Draw and Match the Numbers

How to Play

  1. In theKeno board of numbers 1 to 80, choose numbers up to 15 numbers. Or you can simply click on the “quick pick” under the board which helps you to pick 15 numbers randomly.
  2. After finish picking the numbers, click on the “bet” button.
  3. The menu to set your bets will appear. Choose bet amount you are desired. On the payout table, you can see how much you will win if you can match the different numbers of the balls from the draw.
  4. After you’ve done, click on the “go” button and watch the balls come in.
  5. On the display, you will see 20 numbers of balls will be drawn randomly. If you can match them more, then you can gain win more. The number which marked in orange means you gets hit, but the number which marked in green means you miss it.
  6. You can also use the feature called “Multi Way,” a play which let you to place more bets to increase your winning points. Click and drag the mouse on the 2 or more marked numbers, then click “bet.”
  7. The Multi-Way menu will appear. Once again set you bet amount. On the list of “ways,” pick on one you’re desired. Each “way” means a separate ticket. The number of ways times the bet amounts will be your total wager (will be shown under the ways list). Once again, after you’ve done click on the “Go” button.
  8. In the Multi-Way play, the match numbers of balls will be marked in red. The winning combination in this play will give you double.

Winning Strategies

  • For beginner, you need to learn about the winning odds of Keno. Don’t be greedy. Pick the numbers no more than 5 or 6, because the winning odds will decrease as you pick more numbers.
  • Wish for your luck and hold your instinct. Sometimes, the best strategy in choosing numbers is by choosing you lucky number. Although it can’t be scientifically proven but it surprisingly can help to improve your bankroll.
  • Or you can choose consecutive numbers rather than randomly pick up the numbers.

Keno game is very simple but interesting casino game. Since the typical of casino game isn’t only depending on lucks but also strategies, you can expect for big hits if you can apply the best strategy.

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