How to Shoot 3 Point Shots in Basketball Perfectly


Every basketball players want to improve their shooting skills and able to goal 3 point shots. As the point is higher than other shots, 3-point shots need more techniques and skills to set them on the basket perfectly.

How to Shoot 3 Point Shots in Basketball Perfectly

Steps to Score 3-Point Shots

  1. Choose your strongest shooting foot

Mostly, the right-handed players will use their right big toe when about to shoot, but it still depends on the players. Make sure your right/left toe is aligned with your right/left elbow. Take a slight step out and bend your knees. Bending knees will help you to jump upward higher and get a better angle on the basket.

  1. Hold the Ball Correctly

Use your stronger hand facing forwardandhold the below part of the ball, while the weaker hand balance the ball from the side. Use your fingertips to hold the ball, not your palm. Fingertips will make you release the ball easier. If hold the ball wrongly with your palm, you can see your palm is dirty after the game.

  1. Straighten your legs as you shoot

Not only your hand, but your leg is the big support on shooting 3-points. After you bend your knees slightly, then quickly elevate and jump. Once you jump, straighten your legs position. Do some exercise to build up your legs muscle like squatting or wall sits.

  1. Extend your shooting hand fully

When you are about to start shooting by releasing the ball, you need to extend your shooting hand fully. Use your stronger hand to push the ball, while your weaker hand stay relaxed as where it is. When you release the ball, flick your wrist to do the backspin with soft touch. Backspin will help to rotate the ball and if unluckily the ball doesn’t go in firstly,the rotation will help the ball to go into the basket.

B.E.E.F in 3-Point Shots

Or you can simply short the steps above into these four letters:

B (Balance)

The key of shooting accuracy is balance. Positioned you shooting foot line up with the basket and be on balance while shooting.

E (Elbow)

After you get the balance, straighten your forearm. Keep your elbow on the shooting hand line up and make L shape while holding the ball. Keep the wrist is up on the eye level.

E (Eyes)

Focus your eyes on the goal spot. If you want to shoot a goal, basically you can release the ball to hit above the rim.

F (Follow through)

Keep your hand in the air after shooting. Keep your eyes again on the target/backboard to follow through the shoot.

Drills to Improve 3-Point Shots Skills

There are some drills to improve 3-point shots skills including:

  1. Warm-up Speed

To warm-up your body, you can jog between every shoot to work up a sweat. Repeat the process.

  1. Practice Speed

You need to do this drill with the help of passer and rebounder. But if can’t, you can do it by yourself. Pass the ball to yourself, shoot, rebound, then dribble back to the original spot. Repeat the process.

  1. Competitive Speed

It’s the important part to improve shoot skills. Make sure you practice with a defender like in the actual games. This drill is used to retain your shooting skills in the crunch time.

Be a good 3-point shooter and bring your team as the next champion. It could be your stepping stone to the next successful level.


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