How to Do Ginga in Capoeira Properly?

Choosing martial art as a sport which you can do regularly will be a good idea because it can be great not only for the body’s health and fitness but also great for our sense of art and also as the way of self-defence. Of course, all of you are interested in getting those things well in order to get the great skill and perfect body shape and also body health. If we are interested in getting such the right choice of martial art to be learned and practiced, you can have a look to Capoeira. That is a type of martial art which looks really attractive and beautiful. It looks like a dance rather than a sport or self-defence system. That is why if you love doing dance, capoeira will be such a good idea of the sport or martial art to be learned. Of course, we need to be really patient on learning something from zero. By having a great willing, you will be able to enjoy and even master this martial art properly and effectively. The key is getting focused, enjoyed, and also consistent in learning and drilling it more and more. Never forget to learn about the basic properly. By having a strong and great basic of capoeira, you will get the great way on improving it into such the better way in the effective solution as well. Then, you also need to find much more information, as least the basic info about capoeira. That needs to be done so that you are getting familiar with this martial art and give you simplicity on learning and drilling.

How to Do Ginga in Capoeira Properly?

As we have mentioned in the previous part, learning the basic of capoeira properly and mastering it is totally needed. One of the basic moves or techniques of capoeira which has toe learned firstly is the ginga. That is the swing movement which is the basic thing. That also becomes the basic move where other moves are from as well. That is including the move of offensive, defensive, and many others. You need to learn ginga properly and here are the steps to do it. The first thing is about the leg movements which are shown below.

  • Positioning your right leg on the back is the common start to do. Never put it in a cross of the back of your right leg because it will result losing your balance. The enemy will also easily take you down.
  • Make your legs parallel and go stepping. Do not make the legs too close. You need to make the distance to be about the shoulder width or even two.
  • You still need to step into position of parallel.
  • Go doing the beginning or first step.

Above are the steps of the leg movements, then for your arm, you need moving your arms. Make the position and move in which your left arm is getting up while your left leg in on the back. Do the vice versa as well. That is something a little bit complicated if you do not try to practice it more and more. Once more do not cross the legs is the key you need to do when doing the ginga in capoeira.

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