How to Create Wool Power in Farmville 2

Wool power in Farmville 2 will be the great discussion for today. Well, it is one of best projects you will find at Farmville 2. How to find this project? You will find it after finishing spinning wheel project. In other hand, you will be able get it when you have reached level 8. So, you can create it after building spinning wheel at level 8. You can also create it by using Walter as your helper.

Well, do you want to know how to finish this project perfectly? There are some steps you can take. If you want to know about them, you can keep reading below. This article is going to discuss about them. Let’s find out your best reference only here!

How to Create Wool Power in Farmville 2

Woolly Issues

First of all, you have to know about woolly issues. On this part, you have to feed 2 adult rabbits, 2 adult sheep, and harvest 12 black tea plants. For your information, you have to be able to differentiate adult and priced animals. In this mission, you only need adult animals. Besides that, you also need to wait about 4 hours in order to harvest your black tea plants. You can find 200 XP and 400 coins after finishing them all.

The Brush Off

On this part, you will collect 4 rabbits’ brushes, harvest 10 blueberries, and create 2 blue handkerchiefs. For collecting 4 brushes of rabbits, you can request from your friends. How about blueberries? Well, you only need to wait about 2 minutes to harvest them.

Blue handkerchiefs can be made by using a wool thread spindle and a blue wool bolt. You can get those two items by using common wool’s wool thread spindle and fine rabbit wool. Meanwhile for blue wool bolt, it is made by blueberry dye and wool bolt. After finishing this part, you will be able to get the gift.

Round and Round

What do you have to do on this part? Well, you are going to finish spinning wheel project, feed 3 adult rabbits, and 3 adult sheep. You can finish this project if you feed those rabbits and sheep well. You can get same reward after finishing this project.

Sit and Spin

On sit and spin, you will collect 5 sheep shears, care your spinning wheel, and water 2 pine trees. If you want to get pine trees, you can buy it at the store about 5,600 coins. Then, you can ask your friends about sheep shears. Last, you will get 400 coins and 20 XP after passing this part.

Wheel Mechanics

Wheel mechanics part will require you to harvest 15 black tea plants, feed 4 adult sheep, and make 2 cups of Turkish tea. Well, of course you need to wait about 4 hours to get and harvest black tea. You will need this kind of tea for making Turkish tea. You will also need 12 black tea plants and 3 sugars. You will able to get 11 XP after passing this part. There will be also 4,000 coins and 20XP for you. Finally, those are all some steps for you having wool power in Farmville 2.


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