How to be: A Great Ball Handler in Basketball

If you want to be a basketball player, dribbling is a must skill to have. Actually, dribbling is quite simple if you know the techniques and rules. Improving dribbling and ball handling skills is usually done by 3 drills including:

How to be: A Great Ball Handler in Basketball

Stationary Ball-Handling Drills

Stationary drills are the basic drill to improve a feel for the ball. The drills will help you to improve your hand-eye coordination, hand quick moves, catching and throwing a ball, and other aspects in ball handling. In the ball-handling practices, players need to focus on frequency, intensity, and duration which will affect their skills.

The basic stationary drills which effective to improve ball handling skill, including:

  1. Ball slaps

Use one hand to hold a ball in front of you, then slaps the ball using the other hand. Repeat this process by switching the hands to hold and slap.

  1. Figure-Eight Around the Legs

Create a figure-eight pattern with the ball weaving between and around your legs.

  1. Body circles

Turn the ball creating a full circle around your head, waist, then last is knees using both of your hand. Repeat the process in the reverse order and changing directions routinely.

There are other stationary drills including blur, straddle flip, double leg and single leg, and spider.

Dribbling Drills

After you get the feel of holding the ball with your hand, next you start to practice dribbling while moving.

  1. Dribble attack

With 5 or 6 players in the free-throw lane, players will keep dribbling their ball while trying to knock away the others players ball. The players will be eliminated of they cross the confines lanes or lose their ball.

  1. Speed drill

Speed drill will use full court which parted into quarters using 4 cones. You will be asked to perform different dribbling moves each cones area which have been determined before started. As the whistle blow, you need to dribble full court with right hand on the go and left hand on the way back. The key point of this drill is accuracy and speed.

Dribble eight-figure, get there, and Pete Maravich drills also can be practiced to improve the dribbling skills.

Two-Ball Dribbling Drills

These drills will require you to play with two of balls.

  1. Stationary Dribbling With Two Balls

Create a dribbling stance with your body while bending your knees. There will be some commands from the coach. When the couch shouted “same,” you’ll dribble the ball at the same time. “Alternate,” you will dribble the ball out of rhythm. “Side to side,” you’ll dribble the ball side to side. “Forward and back,” you’ll dribble the ball forward and back on the side of your knees. Last is “one high one low,” one of your hand will dribble the ball high and the other one dribble lower.

  1. Zigzag dribbling

Cones will be positioned zigzag on the court. While practicing various kinds of dribbling, you need to dribble two balls from cone to cone.

You can also practice half court and back also full court dribbling with two of balls to complete the drills. By learning the techniques, speed the ball, and play on the game, you can be a great ball handler in the livescore basketball.


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