Hane-Makikomi Technique in Judo

There are various choices of martial arts that you can learn these days. One of them is judo. Judo is the type of martial art that focuses on the grappling and throwing techniques. In judo, you will be rarely or even forbidden using your punch or kick. There are various techniques that you need to develop if you want to learn judo. One of the most essential techniques that you should learn in judo is Hane-Makikomi. Hane-Makikomi is one of the throwing techniques in judo. This technique is basically performed by jumping while turning or twisting. Hane-Makikomi is also known as springing wrap around throw technique. In order to perform this technique properly, there are several important details that you need to notice. Below I will give you a quick tutorial about how to perform Hane-Makikomi technique properly.

Hane-Makikomi Technique in Judo

Basically, Hane-Makikomi is a technique that combines the throwing techniques of Hane-Goshi and Soto-Makikomi. Both of those techniques are considered as basic throwing techniques in judo. Therefore, the Hane-Makikomi technique also can be considered as the combination technique or intermediate technique in judo. To perform this throwing technique, the most important thing that you need to do is making your opponent lost his balance so that his body will lean to the forward right. When your opponent’s has lost his balance, you can twist his body and put him down by suing your body. The first thing that you should do to perform Hane-Makikomi is performing basic right grip move. After that, you need to pull and lift up your opponent by using your both hands so that you can make your opponent’s lost his balance and make his body leans. This pull and lift up move is also known as Hikite and Tsurite in judo. The basic purpose of these moves is to lose your opponent’s balance.

Once your opponent has lost his balance, you can bend your left knee and place it on the side of your opponent’s right foot. After that, you can pull your opponent’s body close to your body. When your opponent’s body closes to your body, you can release your right hand grip and swing your arm forward. You also can use your right hand to grip the right sleeves of your opponent as well. This move is performed simultaneously with the movement of your left hand that pulls your opponent’s hand close to your body. Once you’ve done this, you need to turn your body to the left while lift up your opponent’s right foot and drop your body to the right side.

The movement that you performed before will twist your opponent’s body. When you drop your body to the right side, your opponent’s body will also fall with you. Hane-Makikomi technique also can be performed by performing Hane-Goshi technique first. If you use Hane-Goshi technique to perform Hane-Makikomi technique, you can release your right hand grip and clip your opponent’s right hand by using your right armpit. The result will be similar. You will be able to twist your opponent’s body and bring your opponent down when you drop your body to the right side.


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