Dominoes: All Fives Review

About Dominoes: All Fives

Domino is a collective game which makes up a domino set or tile games which played with domino pieces. In the traditional domino game, there are 28 dominoes which usually called with bones, tiles, cards, stones, spinners, or tickets. Dominoes: All Fives which developed by Masque Publishing is an online domino game designed with single and multiplayer modes. The beautiful art with undersea theme along with the fast game play, you can find this online domino game is more fun and interesting.

Dominoes: All Fives Review

Game Rules

The goal of the domino game is how to get the largest score by forming chains which the end bone total multiple of 5 (such as 5, 10, 15, 20, etc.). If you can form you layout with these patterns, you can score the total.

If the double is exposed sideways on the end of bone will be scored counting from both end of domino. For example, if one of the end of your chains has double 6 and the other is 3. The score is 12 for double the six added with 3 from other end, so the total score is 15 points.

How to Play

  1. On the display, you will see the first domino is set. If you join the multiplayer mode, the players must join a tile in their hand which an open end in the line of play. Between the ends of the two tiles which are joined, they must have the similar number of pips.
  2. If you can make a play of tiles from your hand, you need to draw tiles from the bone-yard until you get the tiles which can start the play. But, if you have no play and no tiles remains in the boneyard, your turn will be skipped to another player until you can play.

Tips and Strategy

  1. The first move of play tiles will worth 10 points. So, if you can score early or play double, so you can get control of the hands of the layout.
  2. Watch the opponent’s moves and check what is the missing in their hand. When they draw one tile and play it, it means you can the layout which your opponent’s missing, so you’ll force you opponent to draw more tiles.
  3. Don’t allow your opponents to gain 20 points or more in one move.
  4. The main goal is to get the largest score, so the best strategy is focusing on scoring. Whether you play to score, block or domino, you have to do them in order to gain more scores.
  5. Blocking game is the last game strategy which there is no more tiles on the arms of layout. While the playing to domino will give you a chance of leading in the following hand, so you’ll close to the winning.

Dominoes: All Fives has very simple rules and gameplay, but with great features and beautiful themes the game turns out to be more enjoyable. Install and play the game from your PC or mobile devices.

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