BloodRealm Battlegrounds

BloodRealm Battleground is an online Facebook card game where you are able to take your favorite hero into a battle in an attempt to defeat their troops and then destroy them. The game is all about magical devastation, bloody combat and also maniacal god destruction. It may sound too dramatic when you think to kill gods with powerful spells and troops.

The game is actually utilizing a lane battlefield combat. You can take the heroic champion forms which has 20 cards decks that contain spells and troops. The champions will have Attack, Mana, Health and also Blood. All of them are beneficial to activate the abilities of your Champions.

Blood Realm Battlegrounds

Game tips and tricks

The Champions you have chosen then will need to take turn playing the cards into the slots right on the battlefields. There will be four players on each. The Mana troop cost will equal to their Mana cost that you have paid for the amount of Champion’s Mana. Every turn, they are going to gain a particular amount of Mana. The Champion therefore will also increase one Blood each turn. The blood is actually used to pay one special abilities of Champions, of which they will have 3. However, you need to unclog two of them throughout leveling up the Champion within campaign of single-player.

The troops which are played to a slot on the battlefield will not attack the turn, and they will actually wait for the next turn. They only attack the troop within the slot in front of them, and if they don’t find any troop here, then they are going to attack the Champion’s opponent. A huge part of this game strategy is to manage the troops timing and placement.

For your information, the health of the troop will never replenish so this game won’t refresh at the turn ends. There is no chance for player interaction when it comes to the turn belongs to other players. You must wait until your turn being able to do everything.

Free vs. paid version

The differences between free and paid version is on the appearances of god and goddess. The appearance of them in free version is less intense while in paid version, their appearance quite intense, as they will appear on the big screen. The story is quite brief in the free version as there will be limited period of time you are going to have to complete the game. Otherwise, in paid version the duration is quite longer as you have paid for the time addition.

The game tournament

The game tournament in BloodRealm Battleground is quite difficult as you will need to pass several steps to kill the gods and the goddess. The game tournament will be ranked among particular ranks based on the points you have collected. Furthermore, you can also gain special cards when you have been successful defeating their divinity. There will be some beautiful placeholder of gold chest in BloodRealm Battleground which tempt to consider something cool is available on here where it is at last live.


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