Berserk Universe


Berserk Universe is an online card game especially for Facebook where the cards are set for the Laar world. As the player, you will need to engage some tactical combats with the dice rolls as the modifiers within a unique twist on the combat mechanic grid. All of this make this game feels like a board game rather than traditional card game but still maintain the card game main elements such as factions, deck building, booster packs and many others. The game will also boast various online features and modes in between the massively multiplayer online realm game.

Berserk Universe

The game grid actually offers a special dimension toward the gameplay which takes a brand new direction which is somewhat refreshing. You will be required to control and handle the Laar creatures as well.

Gameplay tips and tricks

As the player, you are called Ungars from now on. You will come to the battlefields with cards decks that will have creatures, locations and weapons in them. First of all, you will need to draw the fifteen cards from the card decks right into your setup hand. This is rather unusual an new mechanic for the game as you are going to gain about fifteen cards to build your squad into the slots of your battlefield. You are going to start with twenty four golden crystals along with twenty two silver crystals. The crystals then will deploy them all to start your squad.

You have to be carefully balance the higher and lower costing cards to make sure a gradient cost which is useful to build a squad. As the button is also equipped with auto fill it allows you to decide which cards to pick in case you are not sure what you are going to do. It commonly comes in practical when you learn the game as well. the formation of squad then will change based on which cards you are going to draw from your card decks and how you opt for to spend the available crystal numbers to locate them. When you have built your own Squad, then the battlefield will be automatically revealed. You will need to control the half of grid where some flying creatures along with the location are located.

Paid version versus free version

In fact, between paid and free version is not far different. The difference is only at the limit. In paid version you are able to have more than twenty four cards, while in free version you will stuck on the amount of cards available. You are not able to improve your card’s performance any further within the free version, while in paid version you are free to do that.


This Facebook game allows the player to take turn when choosing cards to take their own actions. The creature can actually move freely but they must decide whether they are going to use their special ability or attack. The attacks can actually be determined with a die-roll. If your opponent is able to defend the attack, they will roll to die then. The numbers difference of Berserk Universe  then will define which level of strength will be resolved.

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