Basic Techniques in Kendo

As we already said in earlier article, Kendo is the self defense art from Japan. It uses bamboo sword and has several basic techniques. Kendo is combining sport, self defense, and art. The combination makes the movements so dynamic and great. Learning Kendo needs full dedication and high density of discipline. And before starting your Kendo routines, you will need requirement such as uniform, Shinai, and Bogu. All followings requirement are already talked in previous article. In this article, we are going to talk about Kendo techniques. So, check this out.

Basic Techniques in Kendo

4 basic techniques

Men technique is the first technique that will be taught to Kendoka. This technique is focusing on top part of the body which is head. To do this technique, you need to rise up the sword through your head and then swing the sword on the head. It is supposed to attack the head part. And you can also focus on the temple both right and left temple. Kendoka should master this technique before starting to learn other techniques, considering this one is the basic one.

Kote technique is the second technique that will be taught to Kendoka. This movement is concerning on the hands side. The step is almost as same as Men technique. You will require to swinging up the Shinai through your head and after that hit it on the wrist. You have to attack the dominant hand. But if the opponent is using two swords at once, you can attack both hands. And this technique is supposed to remove the Shinai from the opponents.

Do technique is the third technique that will be learned after mastering Men and Kote. This technique is focusing on the stomach of the opponent. When you are going to start the strike, you have to swing the sword through your head first and then you can execute the next movement. Do technique is also like that. After you swing up the Shinai, you can hit the stomach or chest of the opponent. It is supposed to cleave the opponent’s chest. If you are the first-timer in this technique, this is obviously two-step movement. But if you have mastered this movement, you can run this in one step very smoothly (clean cut). It can be touted as the hardest basic technique in striking of Kendo.

Tsuki is the fourth technique that you can learn. It is kind of jabbing on the neck. This technique may be taught to Kendoka in middle class. And if you are a beginner, you will definitely not get this technique. And by mastering all techniques, there will be a lot of variations in the field. But before stepping on that stone, you need to master all basic techniques at first. Besides it is supposed to make your sense better, mastering basic techniques will help you to master the variations faster. Moreover, the instant Kendoka can be distinguished with the Kendoka who take the

process step by step. The key is discipline and enjoy the process.

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